Statement of a problem № 10518


You have a fixed length of conducting wire. From it you can construct a single-turn flat coil that has the shape of a square, a circle, or a rectangle with the long side twice the length of the short side. Each can be used with the same magnetic field to produce a generator that operates at the same frequency. Rank the peak emfs ξ0 of the three generators in descending order (largest first). (a) ξ0, square, ξ0, circle, ξ0, rectangle (b) ξ0, circle, ξ0, square, ξ0, rectangle (c) ξ0, square, ξ0, rectangle, ξ0, circle (d) ξ0, rectangle, ξ0, square, ξ0, circle (e) ξ0, rectangle, ξ0, circle, ξ0, square

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