Statement of a problem № 41015


The two strands of the helix-shaped DNA molecule are held together by electrostatic forces as shown in Fig. 16-44. Assume that the net average charge (due to electron sharing) indicated on H and N atoms is 0.2e and on the indicated on H an N atoms is 0.2e and on the indicated C and O atoms is 0.4e. Assume also that atoms on each molecule are separated by 1.0 X 10-10m. Estimate the net force between? (a) A thymine and an adenine; and (b) A cytosine and a guanine. For each bond (red dots) consider only the three atoms in a line (two atoms on one molecule, one atom on the other). (c) Estimate the total force for a DNA molecule containing 105 pairs of such molecules.

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