Statement of a problem № 41099


The spring of a spring gun has force constant k = 400 N/m and negligible mass. The spring is compressed 6.00 cm, and a ball with mass 0.0300 kg is placed in the horizontal barrel against the compressed spring. The spring is then released, and the ball is pro-palled out the barrel of the gun. The barrel is 6.00 cm long, so the ball leaves the barrel at the same point 1hat it loses contact with the spring. The gun is held so the barrel is horizontal. (a) Calculate the speed with which the ball leaves !he barrel if yon can ignore friction. (b) Calculate the speed of the ball as it leaves the barrel if a constant resisting force of 6.00 N acts on the ball as it moves along the barrel. (c) For the situation in part (b), at what position along !he barrel does the ball have the greatest speed, and what is 1hat speed? (In this case, !he maximum speed does not occur at the end of the barrel)

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