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The rocket-driven sled Sonic Wind No.2, used for investigating the physiological effects of large accelerations, runs on a straight, level track 1070 m (3500 ft) long. Starting from rest, it can reach a speed of 224 m/s (500 mi/h) in 0.900 s. (a) Compute the acceleration in m/s2, assuming that it is constant. (b) What is the ratio of this acceleration to that of a freely falling body (g)? (c) What distance is covered in 0.900 s? (d) A magazine article states that at the end of a certain run, the speed of the sled decreased from 283 m/s (632 mi/h) to zero in 1.40 s and that during this time the magnitude of the acceleration was greater than 408. Are these figures consistent?

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