Statement of a problem № 41179


The resistor in Figure P33.55 represents the midrange speaker in a three-speaker system. Assume its resistance to be constant at 8.00 (. The source represents an audio amplifier producing signals of uniform amplitude ∆Vin = 10.0 V at all audio frequencies. The inductor and capacitor are to function as a band pass filter with ∆Vout/∆Vin = ½ at 200 Hz and at 4 000 Hz. (a) Determine the required values of L and C. (b) Find the maximum value of the ratio ∆V out/∆V in. (c) Find the frequency f 0 at which the ratio has its maximum value. (d) Find the phase shift between ∆V in and ∆Vout at 200 Hz, at f 0, and at 4 000 Hz. (e) Find the average power transferred to the speaker at 200 Hz, at f 0, and at 4 000 Hz. (f) Treating the filter as a resonant circuit, find its quality factor.

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