Statement of a problem № 41403


The hull of an experimental boat is to be lifted above the water by a hydrofoil mounted below its keel, as shown in Figure P14.75. The hydrofoil has a shape like that of an airplane wing. Its area projected onto a horizontal surface is A. When the boat is towed at sufficiently high speed, water of density $ moves in streamline flow so that its average speed at the top of the hydrofoil is n times larger than its speed vb below the hydrofoil. (a) Neglecting the buoyant force, show that the upward lift force exerted by the water on the hydrofoil has a magnitude given by (b) The boat has mass M. Show that the liftoff speed is given by (c) Assume that an 800-kg boat is to lift off at 9.50 m/s. Evaluate the area A required for the hydrofoil if its design yields n = 1.05.

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