Statement of a problem № 10921


The figure shows a rear view of a loaded two-wheeled wheelbarrow on a horizontal surface. It has balloon tires and a weight W = 684 N, which is uniformly distributed. The left tire has a contact area with the ground of AL = 6.6 × 10-4 m2, whereas the right tire is underinflated and has a contact area of AR = 9.9 × 10-4 m2. Concepts: (i) Force is a vector. Therefore both a direction and a magnitude are needed to specify it. Are both a direction and magnitude needed to specify a pressure? (ii) How is the force each tire applies to the ground related to the force the ground applies to each tire? (iii) Do the left and right tires apply the same force to the ground? Explain. (iv) Do the left and right tires apply the same pressure to the ground? Calculations: Find the force and pressure that each tire applies to the ground. (a) Rear view of a wheelbarrow with balloon tires. (b) Free-body diagram of the wheelbarrow, showing its weight and the forces L and R that the ground applies, respectively, to the left and right tires.

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