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The Fastest (and Most Expensive) Car! The table shows test data for the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car made. The car is moving in a straight line (the x-axis). Time (5) 0 21 20.0 53 Speed (mi/h) 0 60 200 253 (a) Make a v.-t graph of this car s velocity (in mi/h) as a function of time. Is its acceleration constant? (b) Calculate the car s average acceleration (in m/s ) between (i) 0 and 2.1 s; (ii) 2.1 s and 20.0 s; (ill) 20.0 s and 53 s. Are these results consistent with your graph in part (a)? (Before you decide to buy this car, it might be helpful to know that only 300 will be built, it runs out of gas in 12 minutes at top speed, and it costs $1.25 million!)

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