Statement of a problem № 10971


The drawing shows three fl at coils, one square and two rectangular, that are each being pushed into a region where there is a uniform magnetic field directed into the page. Outside of this region the magnetic field is zero. In each case the magnetic field within the region has the same magnitude, and the coil is being pushed at the same velocity vB. Each coil begins with one side just at the edge of the field region. Consider the magnitude of the average emf induced as each coil is pushed from the starting position shown in the drawing until the coil is just completely within the field region. Rank the magnitudes of the average emfs in descending order (largest first). (a) ξA, ξB, ξC (b) ξA, ξC, ξB (c) ξB, ξA and ξC (a tie) (d) ξC, ξA and ξB (a tie)

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