Statement of a problem № 11042


The drawing shows a coil of copper wire that consists of two semicircles joined by straight sections of wire. In part a the coil is lying fl at on a horizontal surface. The dashed line also lies in the plane of the horizontal surface. Starting from the orientation in part a, the smaller semicircle rotates at an angular frequency v about the dashed line, until its plane becomes perpendicular to the horizontal surface, as shown in part b. A uniform magnetic field is constant in time and is directed upward, perpendicular to the horizontal surface. The field completely fills the region occupied by the coil in either part of the drawing. The magnitude of the magnetic field is 0.35 T. The resistance of the coil is 0.025 Ω, and the smaller semicircle has a radius of 0.20 m. The angular frequency at which the small semicircle rotates is 1.5 rad/s. Determine the average current I, if any, induced in the coil as the coil changes shape from that in part a of the drawing to that in part b. Be sure to include an explicit plus or minus sign along with your answer.

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