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The determined coyote is out once more in pursuit of the elusive roadrunner. The coyote wears a pair of Acme jet powered roller skates, which provide a constant horizontal acceleration of 15.0 m/s2 (Fig P4.65), the coyote starts at rest 70.0 m from the brink of a cliff at the instant the roadrunner zips past him in the direction of the cliff. (a) If the roadrunner moves with constant speed, determine the minimum speed he must have in order to reach the cliff before the coyote. At the edge of the cliff, the roadrunner escapes by making a sudden turn, while the coyote continues straight ahead. His skates remain horizontal and continue to operate while he is in flight, so that the coyote’s acceleration while in the air is (15.0i ─ 9.80j) m/s2. (b) If the cliff is 100 m above the flat floor of a canyon, determine where the coyote lands in the canyon. (c) Determine the components of the coyote’s impact velocity.

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