Statement of a problem № 41759


A test driver at Incredible Motors, Inc., is testing a new model car with a speedometer calibrated to read m/s rather than mi/h. The following series of speedometer readings was obtained during a test run along a long, straight road: Time (s) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Speed (m/s) 0 0 2 6 10 16 19 22 22 (a) Compute the average acceleration during each 2-s interval. Is the acceleration constant? Is it constant during any part of the test run? (b) Make a v.- graph of the data, using scales of 1 cm = 1 s horizontally and I cm = 2 m/s vertically. Draw a smooth curve through the plotted points. By measuring the slope of your curve, find the instantaneous acceleration at = 9 s, 13 s, and 15 s.

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