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Superconducting power transmission the use of superconductors has been proposed for power transmission lines. A single coaxial cable (Fig P32.78) could carry 1.00 x 103 MW (the output of a large power plant) at 200 kV, DC, over a distance of 1 000 km without loss. An inner wire of radius 2.00 cm, made from the superconductor Nb3Sn, carries the current I in one direction. A surrounding superconducting cylinder, of radius 5.00 cm, would carry the return current I. In such a system, what is the magnetic field? (a) At the surface of the inner conductor and (b) At the inner surface of the outer conductor? (c) How much energy would be stored in the space between the conductors in a 1 000-km superconducting line? (d) What is the pressure exerted on the outer conductor?

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