Statement of a problem № 41975


A string of length L consists of two sections. The left half has mass per unit length μ = μ0/2, while the right has a mass per unit length μ = 3μ = 3μ0/2. Tension in the string is T0. Notice from the data given that this string has the same total mass as a uniform string of length L and mass per unit length μ0. (a) Find the speeds v and v1 at which transverse pulses travel in the two sections. Express the speeds in terms of T0 and μ0, and also as multiples of the speed v0 = (T0/μ0)½ (b) Find the time interval required for a pulse to travel from one end of the string to the other. Give your result as a multiple of Δt0 = L/v0.

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