Statement of a problem № 41992


A straight piece of reflecting tape extends from the center of a wheel to its rim. You darken the room and use a camera and strobe unit that flash once every 0.050 s to take pictures of the wheel as it rotates counterclockwise. You trigger the strobe so that the first flash (t = 0) occurs when the tape is horizontal to the right at an angular displacement of zero. For the following situations draw a sketch of the photo you will get for the time exposure over five flashes (at t = 0, 0.050 s, 0.100 s, 0.150 s, and 0.200 s), and graph 6 versus r and versus t for t = 0 to t = 0.200 s. (a) The angular velocity is constant at 10.0 rev/so (b) The wheel starts from rest with a constant angular accelera1ion of 25.0 rev/s3. (c) The wheel is rotating at 10.0 rev/s at f = 0 and changes angular velocity at a constant rate of -50.0 rev/s3.

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